Thursday, April 17, 2008

7 Tips to Ease the Discomfort from Your Wedding Dance Shoes

Formal wedding shoes are notoriously uncomfortable. The ideal solution is to purchase formal wedding ballroom dance shoes from a ballroom dance catalog or online. In addition to being generally more comfortable and softer than street shoes, these shoes have suede on the bottom to provide traction and slickness simultaneously. Elegant nude colored and dyeable white satin are available for women and sometimes offer adjustable width options. Black patent leather are more comfortable than typical tuxedo rental shoes for men. The arches of all ballroom shoes are supported with a steel shank and the soles are pliable and bendable to minimize sore feet and maximize your balance during dancing.

Here are a few tricks to ease your discomfort:

1) For slippery leather soles, scuff the bottoms on cement.

2) Use Dr. Scholl's "moles skin" pads wherever blisters may develop (Achilles’ heel, bunion, knuckles)

3) Use “moles skin pads” to make a loose shoe fit more snugly. (example: Low on heel for loose heels)

4) If you select shoes that do not hold your ankle in place with a strap like Mules, sling backs, or pumps you can use a nude or white colored elastic band or rubber strap to slip over your shoe and arch to hold the shoe securely on your foot. You can make these straps or order them from ballroom dance shoe catalogs or online.

5) To manage sore feet, bring a second pair of shoes with a different size heel, either higher or lower. Wedding sneakers or slippers are a comfortable alternative and a new trend.

6) If there is room in your shoes for padded inserts, wear them. Avoid the liquid gels as they may leak ink and damage your shoes and dress.

7) If your feet hurt at the end of the night, rinse them alternately with cool water then warm water, while massaging them. You can also rub a mentholated or peppermint foot cream on them to increase blood circulation.

We hope these tips help.  While we can't guarantee that your feet won't hurt, we can guarantee that if you take dance lessons with us, at least you won't be stepping on each other's toes!



Jason said...

I think I'll be tuning in to your blog more, as I'm a complete novice when it comes to dancing:-) I enjoyed and will hopefully learn from these tips.

John MacArthur said...

so...this is great. i would never think to look for help for dancing on the interweb. so much info and great graphics.

is salsa hard to learn and is it healthy for old guys to try and learn it?

Margaret Woda said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I'm going to send the link to some clients of mine.

The Wedding Dance Specialists said...

Hi Jason,
Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you will find these tips helpful!

The Wedding Dance Specialists said...

Hi John,
The fundamentals of Salsa are quite easy to learn as it really only involves one footstep and one tempo. there are many spins and twirls to show off your partner which look impressive but that just involves your arms. The challenge is doing the armwork and footsteps simultaneously. This is an extremely healthy activity for all ages. It is terrific cardiovascular exercise and has been medically proven to improve brain function and memory.

The Wedding Dance Specialists said...

Dear Margaret,
I am new to this blogging thing but I appreciate your enthusiasm and support!