Monday, January 26, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

If you are looking for creative ways to satisfy the "something old" tradition, you might consider learning how to ballroom dance. Ballroom or partner dancing represents something “old” because it is an art form that originated centuries ago and a tradition that is enjoying a revival now. The dance styles originate from either tribal, folkloric or Victorian and played an important role in the social fabric of their respective cultures. Partner dancing is a classic way that couples can communicate without words. The couple taps into the eternal heartbeat of life and love through the pulse of the music and the rhythm of their connection. Face to face they see forever in each other’s eyes. That is why the “First Dance” is the pivotal moment that sets the tone for the rest of the reception. Dancing is like a secret. The couple has to yearn to learn of its age old mysteries in order to possess and harness its magical powers. The secret has been passed on through the centuries. It’s essence is whispered only into the ears of those who respect it’s wisdom of the ages. The audience is awed when in the presence of this mysterious tradition. It may be old but it is also timeless.

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