Monday, November 23, 2009

Choosing A Song for your First Dance Debut

Pick a song that is meaningful to both of you. Did you share a romantic moment to a special song? What love song was playing in the background on your first date? What song brings tears to your eyes or gives you butterflies? What song inspires thoughts of the one you love? The music you choose will determine the type of dance that is appropriate. If you are undecided, your instructor can demonstrate a variety of dance styles and provide a list and samples to listen to in class. Knowing which styles of dance you prefer can help you decide on the song. If you are unfamiliar with dance styles you may simply want to imagine the mood you want to feel and project as you are dancing. Do you want your dance to look simple and elegant? Classic and traditional? Peppy and cheerful? Sensual and romantic? Elaborate and Showy? Share your vision with your instructor.

Remember: It's your dance, have it your way! Never let anyone tell you not to dance to a specific song. You pay dance instructors to teach you how to dance. They can tell you if the song in question is easy or hard to dance to, that is part of our job. It's Your Wedding!

Need assistance choosing a song, visit the Song Suggestion List on our website

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