Thursday, November 5, 2020

Premarital Coaching: Qualities That Make a Great Spouse

 by Deborah Joy Block

At first glance finding the perfect relationship can seem daunting and complex but really it boils down to values. Singles sometimes get caught up in superficial criteria such as appearance, income, education or geography but all of those factors can change. A more permanent fixture is someone’s personality or character. Initial chemistry and lust may start on a physical level but lasting love is generally created by the way someone makes us feel and how they treat us. The following four attributes are crucial characteristics from which all other traits originate. If you meet someone with all of these traits there is a strong chance you will feel a love connection:

1. Kindness – Is the person generous, thoughtful, warm and sincere?
2. Optimistic – Does the person generally have a positive outlook on life?
3. Intellectually Curious – Is the person open to learning new things and growing?
4. Spiritual – Is the individual moral and humble before their Creator regardless of a specific religion?

If you meet someone with these qualities, hold on tight! You have found someone very special and the chemistry will likely ignite!

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