Friday, January 15, 2010

Dance Tip: The Warm Up Dance

Regardless of how prepared you are, we always recommend a warm-up dance on the big day. The best way to calm pre-dance jitters is to review the entire dance once, in your wedding finery. This five-minute exercise gets you mentally focused in the “dance zone” amidst all the excitement of the big day. A current trend is posing for formal pictures before the wedding to maximize time enjoyed at the reception. This pre-ceremony photo session also allows you more time during the cocktail hour to sneak off and warm-up together. If you plan a more traditional approach where you will not be seeing each other before the nuptials, then immediately after the ceremony will serve as the best time. If you are not doing a receiving line, you can sneak off into a vestibule somewhere or the bridal chamber which has the added benefit of encouraging your guests to make a swift bee-line for the reception hall.

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