Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Dance Workshops in February!

Wedding Dance Workshops! Get a head start on your private lessons by starting with these popular wedding dance workshops on Feb 27 in Falls Church, VA and Feb 28 in Columbia, MD.

Sample a variety of slow dances perfect for love songs to see which style you prefer.Develop your individual composure as a dancer by learning foundation techniques.Learn the fundamentals of partner dancing. 
Get acquainted with dancing before committing to private lessons. 
If your wedding isn't for a while and you haven't chosen a special song yet, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet! Meet other engaged couples in the area! Maximize your investment in private lessons by getting a head start with this comprehensive workshop. Dance with your partner the whole time - no partner switching

Workshop attendees who are our Facebook fans qualify for a 5% discount on private lessons. For more details go to:

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