Friday, February 26, 2010

The Second & Third Dance Lessons: Groom's Perspective

Due to the massive snowstorms which wreaked havoc on the DC area, we had to postpone our second lesson with Deborah, our instructor at The Wedding Dance Specialists. We finally were able to reschedule, but with the wedding quickly approaching, we decided to do two lessons in one night. This seemed like a great idea at first, but after working long hours every day and all weekend, to put it lightly, I was exhausted before we even started. This led to some humorous comments as the night went on, most notably from Deborah "You are doing better now that you are comatose".

Anyway, after having to admit that I didnt do the "homework" after our first lesson, I need a quick refresher of what we had done 2 weeks earlier. That didnt take long and we jumped into the focus of our next lesson, which was to try and really hear the beat of the song. I think i now realize that I am tone deaf lol. Aside from that, we continued to work on getting the right pace down to our chosed first dance song. This was a lot more work that you'd imagine...or at least that I imagined. Deborah had us clap our hands and then snap our fingers to the alternating beats. This is not easy when you are unable to snap your fingers. The look on Deborah and Amy's faces when i said that was hilarious. I think they thought i was kidding at first. I wasnt. A quick google search reveals that I am not alone and there are in fact groups on facebook of people who are similarly challenged. I will not join such a group lol. I got my revenge when i called out Amy on the fact that no sound comes out when she claps her hands. Granted it was because she wasnt clapping very hard, but i still had to get a little revenge and mock her for that.

Back to the dancing. We continued to practice our pace of "slowwwww, quick, quick, slowwwwww, quick, quick". This was also much more difficult than it sounds. Especially when you are all legs like me, and have to consciously try to shorten your strides because your future wife has little tiny steps and can't step as far as you. I was having a very good time, as my competitive nature sees this whole dancing thing as a challenge, but even though i am enjoying it much more than i thought i would, i still want to learn to do it right. This led to comments from Amy like "could you look any more serious? this is supposed to be fun". I could have lots of fun and have a smile on my face, if i didnt care to try and actually learn what I am supposed to be doing. I will not be so stiff at the wedding, i sure hope, but for now i was just trying to learn as much as i could, so i was concentrating very hard. The music doesnt just "flow through me" like it does some people. I may even be tone deaf lol.
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