Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrity Interview with Dancing With the Stars Star Tony Dovolani

Do you LOVE Dancing with the Stars? We sure do! We are thrilled to announce that The Wedding Dance Specialists recently held an exclusive interview with DWTS celebrity dancer Tony Dovolani!
Tony is a professional ballroom dancer who began dancing at the age of three, and is acclaimed for his many performances and World Champion Titles in Latin style dance. Overall he has won an astonishing seven championship titles in world-renowned competitions, including an Emmy nomination for his incredible choreography of a Jive dance routine that was aired on Dancing with the Stars in 2006. Tony’s newest partner for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars is Melissa Rycroft who is best known for her appearances on The Bachelor.  Tony and Melissa were also partnered together on the show in 2008 and placed third in the competition. 

Now that the introductions are out of the way, (even though I’m sure you’ve already heard of him) let’s turn to the scoop on what we learned from Tony during our interview with him! Tony divulged some tips for us.  His favorite dance move is the over-sway on a dip. He likes the move's versatility as you can begin and end a dance with it. When asked about dance trends, Tony remarked that ballroom dancing has played second fiddle to solo dance styles like ballet for decades. However with the popularity of the hit show Dancing with the Stars it has been brought to the forefront again and no longer lingers as the step-child of the dance world. Another fantastic point Tony made was, “You have to love dancing to truly excel at it and love teaching it to be a good instructor.” Tony also said to become a great dancer one must believe that they are capable of dancing in the first place. 

But how can you dance like a pro if you don’t have the right attire? Tony gave us advice on that too! Tony is excited to be sponsored by Capezio dance shoes and encourages engaged couples to consider using proper ballroom shoes for their wedding dance instead of struggling with street shoes. 

He is also excited about the latest Zumba craze that incorporates Latin ballroom dance moves with aerobic exercise. While he is an esteemed ballroom dancer, he admits that his favorite dance style is Latin. At The Wedding Dance Specialists, we believe in always improving upon our dance knowledge base so that we can provide you with an even better dance experience. We hope that Tony’s tips have inspired you to become even better dancers. He’s sure inspired us! Thanks Tony!

Written by: Kimberly Irwin, Publicist for The Wedding Dance Specialists

Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Learning to Dance is Beneficial

Let us help you polish your dance skills for social dancing or energize your special event with our diverse and talented staff of professional dance instructors and performers. Dancing creates sparkling memories and adds delicious excitement to any celebration! Dancing is incorporated at fundraisers, private parties, corporate, military and political galas. The fun factor of a special event directly affects its success and could even improve its profits!

More reasons to learn:
Physical Fitness
Intellectual Stimulation
Social stimulation and development
Personal Growth
Stress Reduction
It’s FUN!
It's romantic!
Great for shy people because you can talk with your hips not with your lips!
Meet new people
Improves your public image
Improves confidence
Improves posture

Enhances balance, space and body awareness.
Makes you look and feel attractive

The Wedding Dance Specialists is the premiere national expert of the wedding dance industry. Deborah Joy and Brian Block founded the company in 2000, while engaged and preparing their own "First Dance." Year after year,The Wedding Dance Specialists remain the most recommended wedding dance company according to engaged couples, wedding vendors and the media.  The company has taught over 10,000 engaged couples. Appearing repeatedly on Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Network, The Wedding Dance Specialists and their students starred on an episode of "Real Weddings by the Knot", the nation's first wedding reality show. In addition to attracting celebrity clientele, The Wedding Dance Specialists were the nations original wedding dance company and have since inspired an entire niche industry that has expanded worldwide!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wedding Dance Workshop Hosted by The Wedding Dance Specialists- Recommended by Washingtonian Magazine

Wedding Dance Workshop (FOOTSTEPS)
Sample a variety of slow dances to see which style you prefer.
Develop your individual composure as a dancer.
Learn the fundamentals and secrets of partner dancing.
Techniques for traveling around the floor.
Overview of choreography concepts
The perfect way to get comfortable dancing around others!
Wedding Dance Workshop (TWIRLS)
Every woman loves to be twirled and your guests can't get enough of seeing it either! Learn how to twirl, spin, drape, cuddle, unwrap to give your bride the "Cinderella Moment" she deserves in the spotlight and have your guests applauding, cheering, wildly photographing and eager to join you on the dance floor!

Registration Details:

Virginia Wedding Dance Workshops
Date: Sunday March 11, 2012
Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012
Location: Alexandria, VA 22314
Time: 3-6pm
Investment: $60 per person (3 hour workshop)
$70 per person (3 hour workshop)

Maryland Wedding Dance Workshops
City: Columbia, MD 21026
Date: March 18, 2012
Date: April 15, 2012
Time: 3-6pm
Investment: $60 per person
(3 hour workshop) *
$70 per person
(3 hour workshop)

*Early Registration Discount: 14 days prior to the workshop

Click HERE to register and for more information about the workshops.