Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Beauty of an Event Planner

Weddings are beautiful occasions. They represent a new life milestone worthy of celebration. However, they are recognized as one of the most stressful life events to plan. This reason is often why a number of people turn to event planners for help. Most people argue that event planners are not actually necessary… that is, until they are in the middle of their wedding day and the flowers haven’t arrived, their makeup is half done, no one has heard from the photographer, and the ceremony is supposed to start in an hour. For people who have an event planner, these are not problems. From beginning to end, event planners help the couple juggle the wedding details and reduce stress so that the couple can focus on each other and enjoying their momentous day. Here are a few more reasons an event planner will be your favorite wedding asset:

1.     Costs. Planners can actually cut the costs of the wedding. Not only do planners work to keep the couples in their budgets, but long-term event planners have established relationships with vendors and can work their magic to get a cheaper rate or simply help get more bang for their buck.
2.     Creativity. Planners offer a new level of creativity. Event planners work with multiple types of events, so they have seen many different themes and ideas that could improve your own wedding. Couples get an expert opinion on everything. They will also be able to plan out the small details that may get forgotten in the mayhem of planning.
3.     Troubleshooting. Event planners are experienced in the art of wedding planning and are knowledgeable about the things that can go wrong. This also means that they know how to avoid these problems or how to deal with them when they occur.
4.     Problem solving. Remember that photographer that no one has heard from? The planner is on top of it. The flowers that haven’t shown up? The event planner has a solution. A planner runs on a self-made, tight schedule that is designed to account for any mishaps or problems. If someone doesn’t show up, something breaks or can’t be found, or an order isn’t correct, the planner will have a solution or will be able to come up with one quickly and not have to worry the bride or groom.
5.     Stress reduction. On the day of the wedding, they keep the bride and groom from having to worry about any of the details. This includes set-up, decorations, the videographer, the ceremony to reception flip, and any other issues that might arise.

With an event planner, a wedding becomes a truly magical occasion that is enjoyable for the happy couple. They will be able to truly savor their big day and start their new life together without the burden of undue stress. An event planner makes sure that they are the shining stars and the day runs smoothly. No problem is too big or too small for the right event planner. Weddings are a time for joy and celebration. A couple deserves to be relaxed and pampered on this day and an event planner will make sure it happens. 

By Samantha Stichberry