Monday, April 19, 2021

Micro Weddings Still Deserve a First Dance!

Due to Covid, micro weddings and Zoom weddings are common right now and general dancing may be cancelled but LOVE is not cancelled. The First Dance can still be the highlight of the reception!

The First Dance is the most sacred ritual of the wedding reception. It is the physical manifestation of your ceremony vows of unity and with a little preparation it becomes the romantic highlight for the couple and the guests. Can you imagine a ceremony with no microphone for all of the guests to hear the vows? Unthinkable. Dance moves give voice to the First Dance as a nonverbal expression of a couple's love. It has the potential to be the most magical, sensual and exquisitely romantic moment of the whole reception. Ceremony vows are intended to be backed up with action since actions speak louder than words.

Plus learning a life skill like dancing means you can make romantic, priceless memories after the wedding forever! Now is the time to invest in yourself by dancing and romancing!

About Your Dance Coach

Deborah Joy Block is a national expert on wedding dance, pre-marital coaching, professional matchmaker and certified wedding planner who has worked with over 10,000 couples. Located in the DC area, her award-winning company, The Wedding Dance Specialists is recommended by the media and is the most recommended wedding dance company in the DC area. It specializes in helping couples, bridal party and families sparkle in the spotlight! We offer many unique services customized to the special needs of engaged couples.